What fees can I expect?

Fees are payable at the time of your appointment. Face to face appointments require payment, in person, at your visit. This payment can be made via credit card, debit card or EFTPOS. Telehealth consultations also require payment at the time of your visit via credit card. Once payment is made, you will be issued with an invoice including the item number for the service provided and my provider number. This will allow you to access a Medicare Rebate for your session.

Medicare rebates can be obtained by using the Express Plus Medicare App or via your Medicare Online Account on mygov. Visit our fees and referral page for more.

Can I bring along someone to my appointment? (Spouse, parent, support person, etc)

Absolutely! If you are a teen I would encourage you to have a parent with you. The first part of the consultation may include your parent and then in most cases I would prefer to continue the appointment with you alone. If you are an adult you are welcome to bring your spouse or support person.

Is public transport or parking available?

Sea Change Therapy is easily accessible via public transport and is walking distance from Norwest Metro Station. There is parking available within Norwest Marketown.

Why do people seek therapy?

People seek therapy for many reasons. Often the catalyst is feelings of anxiety, stress and burnout, depression, overwhelm, relationship struggles and feeling like the time has come to get rid of old patterns. Sometimes the motivation to seek therapy is a gesture of self care and this is something I strongly encourage. I feel passionate about healthcare and wellness, rather than sick-care. If you can tend to your emotional well-being in a preventative way, the benefit to your physical health, your life and relationships can be very significant.

What if my problem seems trivial?

No problem is too trivial. I often have patients in General Practice worried about the triviality of their concerns and worried they are ‘wasting my time’. To this I reply that the value of my work is not for me to feel good about helping someone with a serious problem. The value of my work comes from helping people with any problem that is real and significant to them.

Are there appointments outside of school hours?

I do offer appointments out of school hours. These appointments can be early morning before school or in the afternoon after school.

Are there appointments outside of work hours?

Typical opening hours are from 8-5pm. Telehealth appointments are available and after hours appointments can be arranged on occasion by speaking with me directly.

Is getting therapy normal for teenagers?

Being able to help teenagers with their challenges is an incredible privilege. Too often teens and young adults suffer in silence and something I feel passionate about is offering help to teens when they truly need it. This help can be instrumental in helping a young person make decisions that support living a life according to their values. Sometimes medical professionals might be intimidating to teenagers. My aim is to provide a safe, non-threatening and non-judgemental space where teens can feel heard and understood.