Whilst I do not currently offer couple’s counselling, I do offer individual psychotherapy that can help with challenges within your relationship. Quite frequently, by working on ourselves and developing our self knowledge we can help improve relationships with others, including our spousal or romantic partners.

I feel very passionately about not leaving therapy to the stage of a relationship where both parties have already opted out. Just like we wouldn’t wait until a plant dies before we give it water, so too we need to regularly tend to a relationship whilst it is healthy or when it is showing the most subtle signs of distress. 

I believe that timing is everything and having a therapist who practices in a values based way, can help to guide you toward living in alignment with your values and has the potential to improve relationships.

Sometimes we might find that we are faced with situations that take us away from living life according to our values. Examples of this might include situations, thoughts and feelings that are uncomfortable and lead us to react with avoidance, seeking distraction, overthinking and substances to try and escape the discomfort. My role as a GP psychotherapist is to help you to know yourself better and to understand how you’re showing up in a relationship so that you can make decisions that align with your values and how you want to live your life.


What fees can I expect?

Fees are payable at the time of your appointment. Face to face appointments require payment, in person, at your visit. This payment can be made via credit card, debit card or EFTPOS. Telehealth consultations also require payment at the time of your visit via credit card. Once payment is made, you will be issued with an invoice including the item number for the service provided and my provider number. This will allow you to access a Medicare Rebate for your session.

Medicare rebates can be obtained by using the Express Plus Medicare App or via your Medicare Online Account on mygov. Visit our fees and referral page for more.

Are there appointments available out of work hours?

Typical opening hours are from 8-5pm. Telehealth appointments are available and after hours appointments can be arranged on occasion by speaking with me directly.

Family Therapy

Families are complex and they are wonderful. They can be sources of such joy and such pain. As a GP for more than a decade, one of the truly wonderful parts of my job has been to understand a person within the context of their family. The family dynamic is such a critical and fascinating thing. It truly is dynamic, ever changing and…