Privacy & Confidentiality

1. Sea Change Therapy takes special precautions to protect the individual privacy and confidentiality of patients.

2. Sea Change Therapy will not disclose patient information or breach confidentiality except:

2.1 When compelled to by law in respect of abuse-related legislation

2.2 When the confidence relates to on-going child abuse

2.3 To prevent a clear and immediate danger to a person or persons

2.4 When a criminal matter is disclosed

2.5 Where counsellors are defendants in a civil, criminal or disciplinary action arising from the therapy (in which case patient confidences may be disclosed only in the course of that action)

2.6 With the written informed consent of the patient and then only such information that is covered by the consent. Where more than one person in a family is involved in therapy, written consent must be obtained from every adult family member and a parent or guardian on the behalf of every child or family member who does not have legal capacity.

3. If Sea Change Therapy has permission or is compelled to disclose confidential information, any disclosure will be limited to the information described in the consent or related to the compulsion. Disclosure will be limited to only those persons with a need to know the information.

4. Professional supervision and consultation is an important ethical and professional component to delivering GP Psychotherapy Services. Dr Corina Vidgen regularly engages in supervision and consultation with an experienced Clinical Supervisor. No personal identifying information is disclosed during this process.

5. Sea Change Therapy will obtain written informed consent from clients and families before video-taping, audio-recording, third party observation or professional consultation. Please note it is illegal to record any part of the session without explicit consent from all parties involved.

6. Sea Change Therapy keeps accurate written records of their work with patients. Patient records remain the property of Sea Change Therapy, however patients can request access to records concerning them except where access may breach the rights of another person.

7. The Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 No 71 applies in NSW, the Privacy Act (Commonwealth) applies Australia wide.

8. Sea Change Therapy has arrangements in place for the secure storage, transfer and disposal of client records in accordance with the law and in ways that maintain confidentiality and safeguard the welfare of clients. Records are destroyed seven (7) years after the cessation of service delivery.

Please discuss any concerns or questions about confidentiality with Dr Corina