Anxiety is a normal physiological response to a threat and is incredibly common. In fact, it is the most common mental health condition in Australia. According to statistics from the Blackdog Institute, up to one third of women and one fifth of men will experience significant anxiety at some point in their lives.

If we think about it, anxiety is a natural evolutionary response that our bodies have in order to keep us safe. Anxiety gets our heart rate up, our breathing gets faster and our muscles get tense and ready for action. We feel ‘wired’ and might have trouble sleeping.

This response is adaptive and necessary to flee from a threat, or to fight it. However, in our modern day life, our bodies and minds can experience anxiety intensely and frequently, to the extent that it can interfere with our enjoyment of life.

Most often people come to therapy to help with anxiety after they’ve tried many things. Maybe you’ve tried meditation, exercising, distracting yourself, avoiding things, avoiding people and avoiding situations that tend to make your anxiety worse. Most commonly, people use distraction and avoidance to try and get away from the anxiety and to achieve some mental respite. Often the distractions can involve substances like drugs and alcohol.

These things often do give us some relief temporarily. But the feelings of anxiety, the racing thoughts and the physical symptoms that accompany anxiety keep returning. It is so important to seek help to manage anxiety and there are many evidenced based treatments that can help you to feel better. These treatments can include talking therapy as well as medication in some cases.


What fees can I expect?

Fees are payable at the time of your appointment. Face to face appointments require payment, in person, at your visit. This payment can be made via credit card, debit card or EFTPOS. Telehealth consultations also require payment at the time of your visit via credit card. Once payment is made, you will be issued with an invoice including the item number for the service provided and my provider number. This will allow you to access a Medicare Rebate for your session.

Medicare rebates can be obtained by using the Express Plus Medicare App or via your Medicare Online Account on mygov. Visit our fees and referral page for more.

Are there appointments available out of work hours?

Typical opening hours are from 8-5pm. Telehealth appointments are available and after hours appointments can be arranged on occasion by speaking with me directly.


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